I Made The Devil Mad

One day I woke up and decided that I wasn’t going to continue to allow the devil to win when he was already deemed as a loser. I wasn’t going to just sit around and let my purpose and destiny lie dormant and be a passenger to life. I decided to be who God called me to be and not only by making up my mind, but allowing my actions to follow. It was in 2015 that I began writing out the vision God had given me for my ministry. For years I was okay with being the helper to other persons goals and dreams. I am the best supporter ever! But for some reason I always got stuck when it came to doing my own things. The pressure that I placed on myself to do well and the fear of not being good enough for myself crippled me. But once the fire was lit within me, I decided to go for it and never look back. And this time was different, I began speaking my vision out loud and taking the necessary steps to make things happen. I began filling out paper work, I started scheduling meetings with services that I needed to get my ministry rolling and the momentum felt great.

It was the first meeting that I had set up with the team of people that were set to work on my branding, I was so excited because it was only the favor of God that connected me with this company, for did amazing work. They worked with celebrities and some of the top spiritual leaders in our area. The morning I was set to meet, I went outside to my car and found my tire had been slashed. I had just moved into a new apartment and not even had been there for a month, so I didn’t know anyone personally there and had no issues with anyone. I had saved up some money that I was going to use as the deposit I needed to get started with my branding project, but now I had to spend that money to purchase a new tire. While I wait in the lobby for my tire to be fixed, I realized that that moment that I had made the devil mad. Not only was I writing my vision, I was speaking my vision and now had gotten to the place of walking out my vision. You see, the enemy can take you writing things down or even speaking about things that you want to accomplish in God, but once you actually get up and start walking out those things, he can’t take it. The devil doesn’t mind you going to church or even reading your bible, but let him find out that you are actually living the words that you are hearing.

When we progress in the Lord, the devil will throw anything in our path to detour us. But don’t let that stop you from doing the things God wants you to do. Don’t get discouraged from the obstacles that may be in your way. You see I had the money saved up to use for my branding, but having to pay for a tire instead. I didn’t let it get me down and I didn’t begin to stress about money. I could only smile because I realized that if I had made the devil mad enough to retaliate against my plans, that just means that I was on the right path. While I sat thanking God for getting me so far, I received a phone call from a donor who wanted to sow into my ministry with the exact amount needed for my branding deposit. Aint God good? He will always provide. When road blocks come, just trust in the Lord and remember that the devil is already defeated and cant stop what God has ordained and purposed for you.

Have you made the devil mad lately?