Intentionally Isolated

Alone. Thirsty. Hungry for more. Ever been in a place where you were all three of those things at the same time? Even if you were not physically alone, but just felt that no one was really there for you. Thirsty in a sense that nothing you had going satisfied your longings. Or just waiting on that better opportunity, for that door to unlock and open… for more. Seems like I have lived there for years now and believe me it is not easy. Waking up day in and day out feeling like something is missing from your life. Praying that today be the day that a miracle happens or just praying that you wont have to go through the tough times alone anymore. Asking God for signs, for direction, but missing all of the obvious ones that he has given. I used to hate it here. I used to grow weary of the pains of starvation. The growl from the pits of my stomach from not being satisfied with life. The hurt from feeling less than or left out, it use to devastate me. Sleepless nights and teary mornings, longing for relief. And then I found it. It was there written in the pages of the book of life. A story of man name Elijah who was sent to a brook during a famine. He was scared, he was alone, and did not have much to eat or drink, literally. Daily he was fed; food brought by a raven and water fresh from the stream. He learned there. It was at that place of Cherith, or this place of cutting away, that he found trust in the one who matters the most. God supplied all of his needs there. It may not have been what he wanted, but he survived. God sustained him and proved himself to be all that he needed and more. He was isolated from the familiar so that he would be elevated in his faith. Spiritually in order for us to grow, we have to be separated. And in separation there comes the cutting away of our flesh. There has to be a renewing of our minds and changing of our hearts and minds to the mind and will of Christ. The part that we mostly do not discuss as Christians is that this place is not a pleasant place to be in. It is hard being separated from the things and people that we love. It is hard saying no that those things that please us the most. It is difficult, but necessary. When you find yourself alone, thirsty, and hungry for more, you may just be finding yourself on the brink destiny. Of course it doesn’t feel like it now and it most certainly does not look like it, but there is purpose there. I said before that I hated the place of separation, but it is in that place where I grew the most as a believer and as a person. I learned here that as long as I have the Lord, I truly have everything that I need. I may not have the things that I want, but I matured to understand that there is a time and season for all things and it is just a matter of time. It is in this place that I grew in my relationship with God and the understanding of His will for my life and His plans for me which are always good.

So later on in the story, God sends Elijah to a widow’s house where he will be provided for. When he gets there, not only is his faith increased, but the faith of the widow as well. Things are seemingly going well until one day the son of the widow dies. But Elijah knows just what to do. He prays and the boy is brought back to life. The first time this has happen in the history of the bible. It is after this that the woman views Elijah as a true man of God. I wonder if Elijah had skipped out on the time of isolation would he still have the same mind to pray for the boy and have the faith to believe that God would cause him to live? Absolutely not. He would have been too weak in spirit to believe or know what to do.

I said all of that to say that if you too are in your place of separation and isolation, don’t waste it. Don’t spend another moment searching for things to fill a void. You are there for a reason and purpose is up ahead. Don’t worry about what you are missing or who is not there. God is all that you need and will prove to be more than enough.. For in due season you shall reap if you faint not (Galatians 6:9)